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Sublime Beauty Naturals brings you wonderful therapeutic-grade essential oils for wellness and joy - and we are expanding our choices for you during 2016.

Essential Oils are powerful, natural, plant-based oils that have been used for centuries for wellness, beauty and cures.  This short podcast from Essential Oil Zen gives you an overview:



Don't know much about Essential Oils and what they can do?  Pick up my new book on Amazon (also in Kindle format). It will give you a great base of information! 

"Essential Oils Have Super Powers: From Solving Everyday Problems to Taking on Super Bugs"


Learn about Kathy's book in this podcast interview on eHealth Radio Network:

Essential Oils are plant essences - the life force of plants - that hold incredible natural compounds and constituents for action and wellness.

They can be used topically if mixed with a "carrier oil" (like Jojoba, Baobab or Sunflower Oil), and they can be used in Aromatherapy (the power of inhaling the scents.)






Improve your sleep, strengthen your immune system, heal cuts, scrapes and bites, reduce inflammation, improve focus - and so much more can be accomplished with Essential Oils!








1) We Offer 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, Tested for Purity with the GC/MS Test (Available Upon Request). You Will Know You Are Getting Great Quality.

2) Join the SUBLIME ZEN CLUB (free of charge), and get VIP points for each purchase plus things like your birthday, social media shares and referrals. You get 500 just for signing up!  Use these points for new essential oils, accessories or anything on our store.

3) We Offer 100% Customer Satisfaction and Top Customer Service. Our Philosophy is to Treat You As We Want to be Treated!

4) We Have Experience with Subscription Products if you need help building your collection and understanding each essential oil. You get education and secret discounts, too. ZEN BOX has 3 essential oils bi-monthly plus LOTS OF bonuses or the new ONE-A-MONTH CLUB.

5) Your Wellness!  Essential Oils are all about Adding Quality and Joy to Your Life, and Enhancing it.  You Get Valuable Products That are Worth Their Weight in Gold.

6) Our Motto: Make Healthy Choices, Respect Your Body, Love Nature




Our Essential Oils are Therapeutic-Grade (the GC/MS tests are available.) Each holds special powers!  Read our blog, our book and review the product pages - or reach out with questions! 

Consider starting your journey with our ZEN BLEND STARTER KIT (seen below) to solve basic problems!






We also love Essential Oils added to skincare products and soaps (like our three Shea Butter with Essential Oil Soaps - and our new Lemon Cinnamon Soap.



One of our most popular blends is:

ZEN IMMUNE BOOST to keep you healthy and support a strong immune system! Read more here.


Another popular blend is ZEN DE-STRESS BLEND to reduce stress, which harms wellness and body functions. It also helps relax muscles and physical pain.  Read more here.







Frankincense, Lavender, Rose Geranium,  Peppermint, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Turmeric, Clove Bud and Lemon are available now with more coming soon!








Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Clary Sage, Thyme, Neroli and MANY more plus new ZEN BLENDS including ZEN BLISS!



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