I Love Skin Brushing!

Posted on 12 May 2020

I Love the Health and Beauty Benefits of Skin Brushing!

- by Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime NATURALS

I talk about Dry Skin Brushing every day, make sure my friends know about it, It is one of the most popular items at Sublime Beauty and now we bring a Holistic Skin Brush to Sublime NATURALS. I often answer your questions about Skin Brushing, and publish articles about it. Our Skin Brushing site is full of valuable information for you, from Testimonials, HOW TO brochures and background.


I Skin Brush every morning, and look forward to it (I hold the Skin Brush in the photo above).


1) It invigorates me each morning and makes be feel happy and ready to go - it is part of my daily ritual now.

2) I love that it exfoliates the toxins and dead cells away, encouraging and helping the new fresh skin cells to shine through.

3) We all need help to move our lymphatic system to stay well.  The lymphatic system does NOT have a natural pump like the heart, and it needs help to move the toxins out and filter them. Muscle movement, massage and Skin Brushing help.  Don't let lymph stay still - it encourages disease.

4) Boosting blood circulation helps deliver important nutrients throughout the body, and helps improve skin tone.  I sometimes get cramps in my feet or legs, and Skin Brushing helps reduce the issues.

5) Most of us have cellulite, but Skin Brushing helps reduce it or at least keep it at bay. It helps to break up the toxins, encourage circulation and flushing and good skin tone. 

6) Skin Brushing helps support the immune system.

Did you know that many models and actresses rave about Skin Brushing?  Just a few are Cindy Crawford, Salma Hayek, Miranda Kerr, Naomi Watts and many more!

If you haven't tried Skin Brushing, try our long-handled Holistic Skin Brush today - they are back in stock! Read the hundreds of testmonials on our Skin Brushing site!  The Brush is on Amazon here or click below to purchase on our store.



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