The Joy of Natural Soaps

Posted on 04 July 2023

The skin is the largest organ in the body and we should care for it carefully, including with our daily cleansing products!

Skin handles so many functions: it helps carry messages to the brain, it regulates body temperature, it protects us from the environment and from toxins, among many other things. What we use on it and apply to it are absorbed into it and into our body systems, which can affect wellness. This includes your daily soap.

Commercial soaps can contain toxins and irritants that cause rashes, blemishes and worse. Reading the ingredients on a bar of commercial soap can be very confusing; there are often chemicals included that most regular people wouldn't recognize (but many are adverse to our wellness.)

Using natural soaps is a healthy solution with many additional benefits. Natural soaps are those made entirely of organic and|or all natural ingredients, each with benefits that reach far beyond simple cleansing.


Kind to You and Your Family, Kind to the Environment

One huge benefit of using natural soaps is the impact (or lack of impact) that they have on both your wellness and on the environment. Avoiding commercial soaps allows you to avoid using many of the common toxins your family is exposed to every day; dyes, fragrances, preservatives, additives, etc.

Using natural products is a bold move that can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Natural soaps are cruelty-free as well; they are never tested on animals. Besides giving your body the gift of natural soap you’re giving the Earth a gift as well.

Natural soaps are milder because they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Most people don’t understand the damage these soaps do after a long period of time. Some will immediately cause dryness or a mild rash. People with sensitive skin have an especially hard time finding a commercial soap they can use. Natural soaps are made with products that have never been treated with pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers making them perfect for sensitive skin sufferers. They can quickly solve many mild rashes and other skin problems.

Natural Soaps and Sublime Natural's Offering

The ingredients of natural soap depend largely on the maker. A variety of benefits can be gained with each element used. The Sublime NATURALS soaps use a base of Shea Butter and 100% natural ingredients.

Essential and aromatic oils like lavender can aid in relaxation and have a calming effect. Spearmint and peppermint have a tingling, energizing effect. 


A base of Shea Butter (at 15%), with Olive, Coconut and Palm Oil, Sweet Almond, Green Tea Seed, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Aloe, Glycerin, Orange oil, Tangerine oil, Lemon oil, Cinnamon oil, Magnolia, Green Tea leaves, Chrysanthemum flower and Vitamin E. Certified Organic. 

It has almost no scent, just a fresh airy smell.













Well-Being for Mind and Body

Natural soaps have moisturizing and replenishing properties, but they also aid in the well-being of the mind and body. Their benefits to the world around us are evident as well. To reiterate; no animals are ever harmed or tested upon in the making of natural soaps. No chemicals of any kind are used in their production. Natural soaps are a wholesome alternative to some of the common toxins we expose our bodies to every day.



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