Why Using Organic and Natural Matters

Posted on 05 October 2015

The “green movement” is everywhere you look today - and for good reason. More than ever, our society is aware of what we put in and on our bodies and how it not only affects us - but also the environment and world around us.

We are becoming more concerned with the toxins manufacturers put in their products and deciphering the labels on the products they buy. We no longer buy willy-nilly, but attempt to purchase products with health benefits. We are a world concerned with living longer and staying healthier than our planets predecessors. Much focus has been put on the foods we eat and grow, and the cleaners we use.


What we have forgotten however, is that the products we put onto, as well as into, our skins affect our health and well-being.  More attention is starting to go on this subject.

There was a time when we weren’t as knowledgeable about skincare. Researchers have now begun to realize just how beneficial topically applied products can be. With this new scientific information at our fingertips, we are able to get a better understanding of what our skin needs, doesn’t need and the effects of the often toxic ingredients in mass produced skincare items. Another thing we often overlook is that skincare doesn’t just mean soaps and cosmetics but also shampoos, deodorants and everything our skin comes in contact with.

Choosing organic and fully naturals in all we use and consume means choosing toxin-free products for us and for our families. It means protecting wellness.  Ingredients that have not been manipulated with adverse affects, treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Surprisingly, many widely used beauty products have chemicals like estrogen mimicking parabens, which is regularly found in tissue from breast cancer biopsies. The FDA doesn’t have jurisdiction over the beauty industry, thus allowing companies to use products with chemicals and lab constructed ingredients.

The skin is our largest organ. If we think about how everything we put on it is absorbed like a giant sponge, into our tissues, blood and organs, things get a little clearer.

Using products free from parabens, petroleum, sulfates and other harmful ingredients ensures we are not absorbing those into our bodies. Dimethicone and cyclomethicone are often found in beauty products as emollients as it gives the products a smooth and silky texture. The problem is that our skin cannot fully absorb these chemicals. The end result is clogged pores, blackheads and acne. In some cases more severe problems eventually occur such as rashes, hives, tight skin and itchiness.  And in other cases, these chemicals can cause toxic reactions in organs.

Did you know fragrances are an issue? Although they could easily come from natural products, there are over 4,000 different chemicals used as fragrance in nonorganic skincare products and cosmetics. Many people have allergic reactions to these chemicals and don’t even realize it.  Symptoms can include vomiting, dizziness, headaches, coughing and rashes.


Essential Oils can be a great alternative - powerful, healthy yet fully natural and not manipulated in a lab and loaded with adverse chemicals.


Organic skincare products are just as effective as chemically- manufactured products (if not more!), but use ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, aloe, shea butter, sunflower and jojoba oils, baobab and sesame oils; essential oils; and MANY other natural ingredients.

Choosing organic means a choice for health and well-being but also a vote for farmers and organic wholesalers. It is a vote for a better planet.


Every product at Sublime NATURALS follows the motto of "Making Healthy Choices, Respect Your Body, Love Nature". Every product is either organic or fully natural with absolutely no chemicals, additives, sulfates, yada yada.   We are passionate about it!

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