6 Ways Oil Pulling Can Help Your Wellness

Posted on 05 April 2016

Oil Pulling is an easy and wonderful holistic practice everyone should know about!

It is inexpensive, healthy, safe and easy! 

What is it?

Oil Pulling is swishing an organic oil in your mouth, like our Sesame Oil, to pull out viruses, bacteria, fungi and other bad stuff for incredible oral health. But even more, you help improve your overall wellness because you are taking these toxins out!

What does this work?  It sounds weird!

Oil Pulling works because those bacteria and viruses in your mouth all have oily or lipid skins.  OIL IS ATTRACTED TO OIL!  When you swish, the bacteria and critters adhere and attach to the oil you are swishing.  You draw them out everywhere in your mouth (under your tongue, on gums, roof of mouth, on teeth and between them, everywhere!)

The link between oral toxins and your wellness is highly linked. Diseases (including heart disease) and clearly linked to oral bacteria as cited by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and other authorities. Read more here.

Here are 6 things Oil Pulling can do for you:

1) Deliver Whiter, Smoother Teeth

2) Improve Gum Health and Prevent Cavities

3) Reduce Bad Breath

4) Reduce Health Risk Because it Takes Bacteria and Viruses OUT of Your Body Before They Can Do Harm

5) Reduce Plaque

6) Support Your Lymphatic System (you are taking toxins out so it doesn’t have to), helping to Improve Your Immune System and Even Improve Energy


Learn more about Oil Pulling on our site, and you can start right away with our USDA Certified Organic Sesame Oil (the traditional oil used for Oil Pulling).

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